Our early beginnings

Sgt. Pepper's Long Haulage (S.PLH) was founded on June 27, 2014 by xSgtPepperx, and is one of the oldest, continuously running VTCs today. Our company organically formed through a group of friends convoying together regularly, and our core community-focus today stems from this grassroots foundation.

S.PLH holds a distinguished place in the TruckersMP community as one of its most respected and recognizable companies. Few VTCs can say they've led over 400 convoys, but that's exactly what we've done over our long and storied history.

Built on experience

In late 2014, our young VTC did what many thought to be impossible at the time, hosting one of the first public events in TruckersMP (then ETS2MP) to have over 100 truckers participate, setting a record-breaking convoy in the community.

Today, S.PLH is led by an experienced team of veterans, balanced by a lax atmosphere that focuses on you, and not the number of miles you drive. We're combining our renowned legacy with a bold vision for the future of VTCs. Want to be part of our journey? Apply today.